Late night rambles.

Okay I suck at blogging I’m so sorry.  Though I’m going to blame part of that on job hunting again.  When it’s brighter out I’m taking my camera up to the highest point in town, get a video for my YouTube channel, and a photo for all my social media sites.  Means have to find something cute in my wardrobe to wear.

I’m also thinking of doing a quick tutorial this week too, if I can find my desk.  Might show how I make my cupcakes in the workshop bookmarks.  Which I think are really cute and I might still have gears for them!  Thus the cleaning of my desk! 

I also have a list of posts I want to do here and on YouTube, if the day was nice I’d do a walk with me in two of the nearby towns I haunt the most.  Next two weeks aren’t going to give me good filming weather though (😿).

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