Little about me

I hate talking about myself, even writing about myself, but here I go.  I’m 35, a few days shy of 36.  Happily single and a divorcee.  I’m the crazy cat lady, though currently only have one cat. 

All my life I’ve wanted to be an author.  I’d carry around notebooks with me filed with story ideas ever since I could actually write.  I also wanted to be a cop, but screwed that up messing up my knee throwing my bike to avoid hitting the neighbor’s dog as a kid.

And now, I’m a babysitter and crafter.  I babysit three amazing kids that despite their issues (which I won’t go into here) they’re great kids.  I just hope I’m doing right encouraging them with music and art, just as my dad did when I was young.  My crafts are basic still, I’m learning techniques trying to find what feels right for me.  I learned how to crochet and now make Amigurumi, small scrubbies and Tawashi.  Dabble with polymer clay, small charms mostly.  Jewelry design’s mostly beadwork when I can find the time, beading is my Zen okay?  Learning paper crafts, have envelope and box punches, a few other assorted punches and papers so I can toy with scrapbooking and card making.  If I get a place of my own I want to start working on soap making and other beauty products.  Might try for a house with a small apartment to abuse as my work area.

Currently I live with a friend and her son.  Let’s just leave it as it’s a place to lay my head, I’m in no part part of this family though, despite being here ten years.  Though if I hadn’t moved here I wouldn’t have found a church I feel at home with.  I was saved at my church, which is a small house church, and it feels like family.  We meet once a week and I try to go every week, sometimes it’s not possible.  Don’t worry this blog won’t be about the church all the time, or my budding faith, which I hope will only grow.

No, this blog is about a Steampunk geek girl, who grew up on comics, cartoons and in the not so wilds of Alaska with a mostly organic garden and a love for moose meat and wild fish.  As you saw with my first post, I will talk about what’s on my mind, even if it isn’t positive. 

I’ll be posting my art, reviews, and various ramblings like this here.  I don’t mind conversations with my readers.  In fact I talk more on line than in person.  It’s not that I’m anti-social, I just spent my formative years with my nose in a book, or people watching.   Who knows that book might end up being written at some point.

On that note what are some things you’d like me to post about?  Anything you gentlemen, and ladies want me to go into?


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