Movie Reaction: Batman vs Superman

I will try to keep this spoiler free, but… Thought I should reallly write this wile it’s fresh in my head.  This will be a bit rambly and just word vomit I appologize before hand.  I’m not sure if I liked this one.  It was hm… well wasn’t absolutely horrible, wasn’t great, but I don’t think I’ll watch it again.

First off saw it at the Fox Theater in Wyomissing, PA.  The theater’s pricey, but so comfortable and worth the price.  Though I wish I had gotten a drink as I headed in.  Yes the theater serves alcohol and the first act… would have done better with a slight buzz.

First off, I liked Ben Afleck’s Bats, and his Bruce, you could see where he was coming from.  It’s a tough call between Bale and Afleck’s Bruce, both were good.

Jeremy Irons is an awesome Alfred, enough sarcasm and back talk that totallly seemed like they were old friends bantering so there’s that.

They totally miscast Lex.  I mean Lex should be intimidating, only one scene in the movie showed he could be.  But most of it… It was like watching Joker trying to fit in with the upper crust.

I’ll admit all I know of Wder Woman’s from crossovers, I read more Gotham related comics as a kid, when I picked up DC books.  Though she was probably the best character. I am a little biased though, I don’t care for Clark/Superman.

The first hour was a little bland, too many dream sequences that were… WTF, and if it wasn’t a dream sequence it was hard to follow the actual story.  And scenes in the dreams made NO sense what so ever.

Let me stop before I even mention that Flash sequence OMG I was trying not to laugh at how horrible it was.

Aquaman’s cameo was better, and Cyborg’s… that was actually awesome.  I went with someone else who knew the comics and someone who’s hands off on comics, had to explain the scene to him and why it was good.

Disappointments, Robin wasn’t even mentioned.  Though it was clear Bats had a partner, because the batmobile and batwing both had two seats.  So I may have missed it.  Unless it was the one in the opening sequence.

I’d say more, but would spoil things and really don’t want to.


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